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Our Highly Trained Bedbug Dogs

Harlem River Hounds uses Pepe dogs trained exclusively by J & K Canine Academy, a NESDCA certified facility.  Harlem River Hounds dogs are recognized as the “Gold Standard” in the entomology canine detection field and have gone through the only bedbug training  program in the world with scientifically proven results. Our dogs meet the highest industry training standards.

The bedbug epidemic has generated fear and anxiety throughout the country. Harlem River Hounds is answering the call to arms with the most highly trained bedbug scent detection canine-handler teams in the industry. Our dog-handler teams are all certified by NESDCA, the only organization with the scientific testing and proven results in bedbug scent detection. Without NESDCA certification other companies lack the credentials and science needed to claim expertise.

Bedbugs may run but they cannot hide from our highly trained bed bug dogs.

See article from University of Florida News on dogs trained by handler Jose “Pepe” Peruyero of  J & K Canine Academy.